Hi everyone! My name is Taylor Alise Osler, and I am an art director with a passion for photography, fashion and design. In 2015, I started studying fashion photography at Columbia College Chicago where all of the areas I loved most collided.

Though my Cleveland roots are always with me, I am currently living in the Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago, and love the hustle and bustle of urban life. Chicago is filled with amazing art, culture, and inspiration and I love immersing myself in all it has to offer.

The adoration I have for fashion is something I discovered at a very young age, and now “picking out my own outfits” has become more than just a day-to-day activity. My personal style has not only become my image, but it’s encapsulated in every image I create. I hope my website gives you a look at not only my work, but also who I am. I have put my heart and soul into crafting the photographs, lookbooks, and outfit of the day-stylings in my portfolio.

This portfolio and all that's inside wouldn't have been possible without the unconditional support of my amazing family -- thank you for supporting me in everything I've set out to accomplish. I also want to take the time to thank you -- my readers -- for visiting! Feel free to introduce yourself by leaving a comment or messaging me on Instagram, I would love to meet you!

x Taylor



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